Warning: I might post a picture of my dog any chance I get

(Warning: I might post a picture of my dog any chance I get.)

About Me and Smells That Smile

Hello everyone my name is Marissa and welcome to Smells That Smile! I'm here to share with you my recipes and diys that leave your house smelling so good you can't help but smile. All my recipes and diys are simple enough for everyone to try. 

What are smells that smile? Have you ever walked into a room or kitchen and you take a big whiff and whatever you smell just instantly makes you feel good and makes you want to smile?  Whether the smell triggers a bittersweet memory from the past,  it smells so good you can't wait to eat it, or just so relaxing you feel like you are at a spa when you close your eyes.  I am writing this blog to share the things I love that smell so good you smile.

About My Blog

So when deciding what to blog about, I wanted it to be about the things I love and love to do.  I love to cook and bake, it is such a satisfying hobby being able to share delicious meals with my family.  Along with that I really enjoy candles, body scrubs and soaps (my bathroom has a collection of them) they are just so relaxing so how can you not love them.  When thinking what do they all have in common?  They all smell amazing and you just can't be in a bad mood, hence "Smells That Smile"! Now I just want to get it out there I am no professional, I haven't had any formal training in cooking or baking and I'm not a connoisseur in candles and crafts.  So that means if I can do it and write a blog post about it, you can too!

About Me

I always thought about creating a blog, but never thought I would do it.  I just thought why would anyone care to read another blog when there are so many already to choose from.  I then saw this article "15 Reasons I Think You Should Blog". Reading this helped me to decide I'm not just writing this blog to share my recipes and ideas, but for myself.  I was never the best writer (English was not my subject in school), so a big reason I am writing this is to work on self-improvement.  Since its the new year and all (*I am writing this beginning of January 2016*). What better way to make a resolution then to write a blog and stick with it! I am hoping that each post I will slowly grow into a better writer, a better communicator and thinker, and I'm hoping that when I am brainstorming ideas for my next post i become even more creative with my recipes and ideas!

More about me: I live in the Lehigh Valley, PA. I went to Penn State University and I am now a web designer.  When at college that's where my cooking and baking skills really grew.  I was considered the "Mom" of the roommates and I was happy to have that title.  I really enjoyed giving my roommates a home cooked meal, allowing us all to stop thinking about our final papers due and bringing us the relaxation of feeling like we were home. After college I moved home and evolved my cooking and baking skills even more.  I have two younger siblings (middle school and high school) my mom still has to care for by driving them to whatever practice they have (there's always something..)  So I like to be in charge of dinner most nights (which also means I get to pick what were all eating).  Well, where do all the candles and other stuff come in.. I just love them so I want to post about them too.

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