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Avocado Lime Tortilla Soup

only 150 calories

Avocado Lime Tortilla Soup

On cold days sometimes the best remedy is a bowl of hot soup. On really cold days, like today, sometimes the best remedy is a bowl of hot soup with a kick. I want to share my Avocado Lime Tortilla Soup because it's such a flavorful hearty soup but doesn't make you feel sluggish after eating.  I was inspired to create this recipe when I went on a cruise with my boyfriend where they had a "taste bar" and there was a soup similar to this one. Surprisingly he ate it and liked it (he's picky), so my goal was to make a soup similar but sneak some vegetables in it as well.

This soup is very easy to make, only about 10 minutes to prep and about 25 minutes to cook. 

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